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At Western Fly Company we offer a wide selection of custom hand tied fly patterns for trout, salmon, Bass and many other species.  We don’t import our flies from cheap overseas manufacturers, all of our flies are made right here in the USA.



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Winter Fly Fishing Tips for Trout

Winter Fly Fishing Tips for Trout Fly fishing in the winter offers some very unique opportunities. More often than not, when I head out to my favorite river during the winter months, I rarely encounter other anglers. It’s nice to get a break from the sometimes crowded combat fishing during the Mayfly hatch. When it …

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Is Enjoying The Outdoors Hurting You?

Is Enjoying The Outdoors Hurting You? We all love the outdoors, what’s better than casting to a nice trout feeding on a morning hatch….not much.  Well, if you are married, then your spouse is way better than fly fishing…wink, wink.  Have you ever stopped to think about what might be hurting you while you’re out?  …

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